Kenya Charitable Organisation

Kenya Charitable Organisation

We believe in the inherent dignity and happiness for all Kenyans. Our mission is to strive to feed, cloth, house, educate, treat, and care for all Kenyans in need or are in necessitous circumstances.

Our vision is for a Kenya that is free from all hardships, poverty, illiteracy, and ill health.

In addressing this reality, we are guided by the believe in God, compassion, and social justice.

Across the twelve years we have been in existence our work has been to help Kenyans in dare need of assistance. We cannot effectively help Kenyans in need unless we address the needs of the millions of Kenyans who live in disability. In the light of that we are currently providing support to disabled children Nanyuki, in Laikipia County.

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Become A Volunteer

Kenya Charitable Organisation

If you would like to be a KCO volunteer on the ground in Kenya, or help to help raise awareness about the work we do and how we help Kenyans, please complete our volunteer form.

Alternately, you can email us at: or send a message on our WhatsApp contacts: +447787825092, +44760820525.